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A Student’s Plea – I Need Money – And How He Can Act On It


I need money

All around the world, the poorest of the poor are crying out for money. They need it for a variety of reasons, mainly to do with being able to see their way from one day into the next. They may be desperate but they already know what it feels like to have to respond to their desperate pleas. They had given up on asking the polite way because that really never worked well for them before. So now they have no choice but to just demand it, loud and clear; help, I need money. It’s worth a try. Sometimes people respond in kind, only to appease their own guilt, and boy do these poor folks on the street know it.

It is not easy to go down on hands and knees, hands outstretched, begging for money. Pride goes out the door, only this time; there are no more doors, not even broken windows. It is embarrassing having to ask someone to help out in times of need. The most desperate plea is to have to ask for a small bite to eat. This, at least, will keep that poor man or woman alive for another night. It has been even worse for mothers and fathers who have lost everything. Some of them were so badly off that they lost their children as well. How are you to explain to a poor child about his or her plight? How do you explain to a young child with a straight face that this, dear boy, or girl, is what life is all about.

What did a child ever do to be deserving of this life. Life on the street, where homicide reigns. A child is born into poverty every day of the year. And each child that is born into the worst life imaginable does not deserve it. But then there is this. There is courage and the will to survive. Many children make it that far. They survive and then they grow up. Many of them only grow up physically, however stunted that growth may be. But emotionally and intellectually, well now, that is another story. Every child, young or old, deserves an education. Yes, even the poorest of the poorest kids force to live hand to mouth from one day to the next.

Fortunately, help is at hand for these kids. This can depend on where in the world you are located. If you are in the States then you will know all about the government grants that are available to help these deserving children get the start to life that all other children take for granted. No matter where in the world you are, there are always the NGOs. No matter how hard it gets for them too, they are always willing to help out. But even they need a helping hand. And maybe you can help them out. Because maybe you are one of the lucky ones.