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The health benefits of tea are something that we have talked about so many times, but it is still an important topic to discuss. If we look at societies and cultures from all around the world, dating back many hundreds and thousands of years, they have been drinking tea for so long. And there is a reason why. It is not only because tea tastes great, but because these cultures began to realize how many amazing health benefits were contained in a single cup of tea. It is one of the greatest and most wonderful beverages in the world, and we love talking about new types of tea.

If you have never heard about ashitaba tea, you are not alone. Many people have not heard about this tea, even though it is arguably healthier for you than black or green tea. In terms of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, ashitaba tea is better than any type of tea you will find on the market for a reasonable price. And now thanks to Kenko.Green, you are able to get this tea without any hassle at all. The only thing you need to do is go to their website and place an order.

You can get as much or as little of the tea as you want. If you are only looking to place a smaller order, there is no issue. You can get enough tea to try for a few weeks, and you can see whether this is the type of tea that you would enjoy drinking in the long term. If you are happy with what you got, you can always order more. And if your order reaches above a certain level, they will even give you free shipping on your order. The entire online ordering and shipping process is as seamless as it can be – which means you will have your tea at your doorstep soon enough.


The health benefits of ashitaba tea are not to be scorned about at all. They are very real, and they will help you in a major way. If you are worried about aging, cancer, heart health or your general condition, you will enjoy having one or two cups of ashitaba tea daily. It is great to drink in the morning, and you can always have a cup in the evening when you get back from work as well. It is the perfect tea to enjoy without any additions.

This is not the type of tea where you need to add mountains of sugar and half a cup of milk to enjoy. You can have it plain, or with a little bit of honey, and you will find that it is one of the most delicious cups of tea you have never enjoyed. And as always, we recommend that you go with the loose tea leaves option as opposed to getting tea bags, as you will be able to brew a much better cup if you go in this direction. Loose leaf tea just tastes so much better!