DIY for dummies


Oh dear, ever heard that expression before. Sure you have, many times. On the internet and especially from the famous book of the same name. The enterprising publishers, years ago, cottoned on to the idea of providing rough guides for dummies everywhere. So if you thought you were interested in doing crochet work, you were considered to be a dummy. Remember the time when we were all learning how to operate Windows?

How funny was that? Then we really were dummies. We didn’t even have a clue, and these rough guides for dummies, let’s face facts, weren’t really much use. So, the enterprising publishers were actually quite snarky because while millions of folks around the world, in their scheme of things, essentially remained dummies, these guys made their millions. And then they brought out the dummy’s guide to entrepreneurship.

That’s useless too because by now we all know how to operate Windows and other software operating systems and we all know how to utilize the internet. So, who needs the dummy’s guide anyhow, because there’s so many better places to learn new things. Forgive the expression given to this article’s heading, but we guess we may have got your attention. Learning to brick lay your wall or build a walk in closet is now so possible for you.

Go to any social media network or look up the keywords and you’ll be provided with at least half a dozen handy guides. Many of them are equipped with short, easy to follow narratives and are accompanied by really good photographs which help to put things into perspective. And it’s not just the basics in DIY that you’ll be getting on the internet. Now you can skill yourself in any specialized trade that comes to mind or interests you.