The Use of Oxytocin Among Bodybuilders


This hormone is a very interesting one. It has never really caught on until recently as something potentially advantageous in bodybuilding. This is also known as the “cuddle hormone” because it is released during romantic and sexual encounters as well as just cuddling and affection. It can even be affection with a dog and Oxytocin will be released in the brain and body as a result. These are the natural ways of releasing it. However, upon the realization that it may help build muscle through positive motivation and good feelings, it has become of huge interest to bodybuilders all over the world. Technically, it is not really illegal because it is not recognized as an anabolic agent yet.

There are various ways to acquire and use oxytocin to your advantage. One thing is for sure: it produces pleasurable sensations of love and affection and also for motivation and strength. In short, it seems to relieve anxiety and help bodybuilders get into the flow. There is even some speculation as to whether it has Growth Hormone releasing effects. The dosage forms are nasal and by injection or oral tablet. The oral dissolving tablets have less of an absorption than the nasal version and the injected version, just under the skin, has a much more profound effect, producing feelings of pleasure and comfort for any who use it.


It can make a workout go better and be almost a sexual thrill. It is true. Ask other bodybuilders. However, in terms of real anabolic agent, we just don’t really know yet. It seems to help some builders and not others and this may be dose related. At this time it is uncertain. Other effects that oxytocin can produce are sexual attraction, increased intensity or orgasm, and bonding with a partner. If all of that is an important part of your life, the use of this unique peptide just might put more pep in your step after all.

Do a bit more research on this one and check into the forums. People are not reporting a great deal of muscle growth, but they are reporting improved love lives, greater sociability, a better mood, and an ability to bond with sexual partners. Since these are all things that are a part of adult lives and we have used far more dangerous substances in the past, why not use the natural stuff itself and leave all the other feel-good drugs alone. There is no need to be doped up on illegal drugs when you can get a significant and pleasurable natural high with the use of this peptide.

The positive mind-set it gives you is believed to be the reason it can stimulate anabolic growth. It has been shown that builders with a positive attitude make better gains. As it happens, oxytocin is just that peptide to make you feel intimate in action with the weights you lift and the exercises you do to keep fit and to get into top condition for competition. Weigh out the options when you read the forums.